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8th March 2011

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”..no one in here is looking for Love.”


During my stay in Boston I stopped by the Borders on Newbury and purchased 3 books, one of which was Fated by S.G. Browne. I hadn’t heard of him before I picked up the book, but I read the first couple of pages and was won over immediately.

Imagine if things like Fate, Destiny, Lust, Sloth… etc were all personified into immortal people. They actually lived among us and “watched over humans.” It’s actually a really clever book. Basically Fate, aka Fabio, falls in love with a mortal woman and shifts the universe due to his pursuance. The main thing I enjoyed about the book is that Browne is actually commenting on how our society is today… how we’re so consumed with, well, consumerism. How a lot of us are afraid of commitment, taking chances, and actually doom ourselves with our mentality and decisions we make.

I finished it today and I highly recommend.

An excerpt on Love from Pages 91-92 in Fated.

The thing about Love is that she’s codependent.

I don’t run into Love very often, since most of the people on my path don’t tend to find her with any regularity, and I notice beneath the confident stride and inviting smile she appears to be fighting back tears. Even though there are more than a dozen couples in the lounge and many of them are physically attracted to one another, no one in here is looking for Love.

Moments after entering the lounge, Love walks back toward the bar, escorted by laughter and catcalls from Passion and Desire, who are both drunk and starting to bloat.

“You know…” says Infatuation, pulling out a compact and flipping it open.

“Hold that thought,” I say, getting up and following Love toward the bar, where I find her sitting at the end next to a drunk… Love just ignores him and lights up a Winston, blowing the smoke at another man who has started to approach her with amorous intentions.

I pull up a stool next to her. “Tough day?”

Why is it that every mortal man seems to think he’s in love with the idea of me,” she says, “rather than the person he’s supposed to be in love with?”

“Is every human supposed to be in love with another?” I ask.

“In theory,” she says, “But for some reason, it’s just not working out that way. Lust and Desire and Infatuation seem to be the flavors of the day. Winston?” she asks, offering me the pack of cigarettes.

“No, thanks,” I say, “Never developed a taste for them and don’t want to start now.”

“Not a good idea to tempt Fate—is that it?”

“Something like that,” I say.

We make small talk for a while, long enough for Love to empty most of the Scotch from her rocks, until I finally get around to broaching the subject that’s on my mind.

“Why do humans fall in love?” I ask.

“You say that as if it’s some kind of choice.”

“Point taken,” I say. “Okay, so how do humans fall in love? How do you create the awareness that makes them realize they were meant for each other?”

“First of all, they don’t so much fall in love as they discover it,” she says. “Falling implies you’re out of control, which is what Passion and Lust and Desire want you to feel. The problem is, they’ve done such a good job of marketing themselves that most humans who aren’t ready for love get confused between me and their physical yearning.

I have to admit, I’ve seen my share of humans who screwed up their fates in the pursuit of love when all they wanted as to get laid.

“The truth is, Fabio (Fate’s pseudonym)” she says, downing the rest of her Scotch, “love is like a good book you can’t put down and you wish would never end. But with Infatuation and Lust, rather than enjoying how the story unfolds, you just skip to the last chapter.“…

…”And second,” says Love, pointing toward the lounge, “not everyone’s ready to embrace me. Those couples back there, all caught up in their passion and their desire, they’re not ready for love. They wouldn’t know what to do with it. So I’m not going to waste my time on some man or woman who won’t appreciate what I’ve given them.

Fated by S.G. Browne

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