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15th September 2014

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Finally got around to getting the  frame for @biancacash’s poster. A lovely addition to my bare walls. #bekind #poster #supportinglocaldesigners 😁

Finally got around to getting the frame for @biancacash’s poster. A lovely addition to my bare walls. #bekind #poster #supportinglocaldesigners 😁

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10th September 2014


Tailfeather x Vanishing Elephant - Noah Duffle Backpack

(Source: tailfeather.com.au)

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9th September 2014

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10 Things I have Learned by Atelier Ivorin

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8th September 2014

Audio post with 3 notes - Played 38 times

The Kite String Tangle - Arcadia

Oh how things have changed
Feels like I don’t know you
You’re in a whole different place
And I’ve strayed from who it was that you knew
We’re drifting apart we’re parallel sinking ships
You’re anxiously reaching out but I’m losing my grip

You were tryna make it work
You were sleeping in my shirt
Sometimes things don’t come full circle

I was hoping that you’d care
I was distant I was scared
Sometimes things don’t come full circle

You’re still on my mind somehow
You’re fit and you’re shades of blue
There’s no way to go back now
Couldn’t get back even if we wanted to
Couldn’t get back even if we wanted

You were tryna make it work
You were sleeping in my shirt
Sometimes things don’t come full circle

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7th September 2014

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D-N SF 12 PG VI - Doug Wheeler
for The Illusion of Light exhibition at Palazzo Grassi, Venice

The illusion of infinite space. Amazing

(Source: dezeen.com)

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7th September 2014

Quote with 2 notes

Le vent se lève! … il faut tenter de vivre!
(The wind is rising!… We must try to live!”)
The Wind Rises (2013) by Hayao Miyazaki (original quote by Paul Valéry)

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5th September 2014

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Casting exploration round 2. I think I liked the subtlety of the first one better. #cement #copper #ring

Casting exploration round 2. I think I liked the subtlety of the first one better. #cement #copper #ring

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4th September 2014

Post with 4 notes

Haven’t done one of these since like..myspace.

via has tagged me. Thought it might be fun.

rule 1: always post the rules.

rule 2: answer the questions that the person who tagged you came up with and write 11 new questions.

rule 3: tag at least 11 people and link them in the post.

rule 4: actually tell them you tagged them

1. Where is the most interesting place you have been?
The most interesting place…oh man I don’t know. I guess Japan was pretty interesting. We went without speaking a word of Japanese and it was weird, but amazing. For a country that is so technologically advanced they are still so in tune with their culture and their heritage and I think that’s great. So yeah..I guess Japan. It also helps that they’re all super polite.

2. What are your favourite places to shop?
I haven’t really shopped properly in a while due to saving for holidays and such but Cos in Europe was quite nice..I also like some of Jack London’s stuff.

3. What is something that you’ve done that you have previously said you would never do?
Personally, I try to not use the term “never” or “always” as there’s gonna be times where it’s not gonna be applicable and I hate going back on my word. But something that I said I wouldn’t do and have gotten back into is…playing Candy Crush. Hahaha it’s just so addicting..and I’m so good.

4. Who is someone that you look up to?
My parents. They are incredibly supportive and I know I can always count on them. They’re not afraid to try new things and do what they love. That’s something they try to encourage us to do and I think that’s admirable. They’ve done well in bringing up myself and my two siblings.

5. Tell me about your favourite book(s)/film(s).
I don’t really have any favourites…but I like books and movies that make you think about things. The Alchemist by Paul Coelho was good; I also liked Quiet by Susan Cain.

6. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
That I’m the best person ever. Obviously. Hahaha I like my genuineness and kindness..yeah.

7. What is something that “puts your stomach in knots”?
Not knowing.

8. Talk to me about a happy memory you have.
Honestly. My entire Europe trip with ML. I think that’s when we were at our happiest…and I know I’ll never be able to have that again with her, so it was something special. The entire trip is something that I’ll always remember and cherish, but there was one night.. Christmas Eve in Hamburg. Everything was shut so we just wandered around the empty streets just taking in the serenity of it all. That night, an hour or two before midnight, before Christmas, she fell asleep on my shoulder and she looked so innocent, so vulnerable, so beautiful. Everything at that moment just seemed right.

9. What is your most prized possession?
My hard drive, or I guess in extension, my photos. I have a terrible memory but I like looking back on the past, I like reliving some memories and they help with that.

10. You’re standing in a desert and you see a cube, what does the cube look like?
It’s chrome finished, so all I see is me..and more desert..and it’s big.

11. What comes to mind when you think of me?
You’re quite quirky. You’ve got very interesting ways of thinking about things and I like that. You’re also a great listener, but a terrible replier when not conversing in person. I think David is a lucky guy and you guys are gonna make cute babies. Also Coke. Also Wes Anderson.

My questions:
1. If money was no matter, what would you do with the rest of your life?
2. Where is one place you want to go in the world and why?
3. If you can remember, what were your first impressions of me and how do you see me now?
4. Tell me about a good childhood memory.
5. If you had to choose to be deaf, blind or mute, what would you choose and why?
6. What do you like most about yourself (steallll)?
7. If you could give your 16 year-old self advice, what would it be?
8. What do you hope for in your life?
9. What is one regret that you have?
10. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
11. How have you been? Like really been?

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4th September 2014

Photoset with 4 notes

20 different types of rain, from drizzle to downpour, are captured in a series of bottles for an installation by design studio Nendo.

Created for the 2014 Fall edition of Maison & Objet in Paris, who asked designers to consider the relationship between language and design, the word rain was chosen for its many nuances in Japanese, a language that has dozens of words for rain depending on the condition and time of day.

"By exhibiting twenty different kinds of ‘rain’, we hoped to express Japanese culture’s unique relationship to nature and the depth of this relationship." says Nendo.

(Source: mocoloco.com)

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3rd September 2014


Eye know - Hiroshi Kondo/STNW

(Source: vimeo.com)

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